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Hard Anodize

Color will vary from light tan to black depending on alloy and thickness. Can be dyed in darker colors depending on thickness. Coating PENETRATES base metal as much as builds up on the surface. The term THICKNESS includes both the build up and penetration. Provides very hard ceramic type coating. Abrasion resistance will vary with alloy and thickness of coating. Good dielectric properties. Corrosion resistance is good, but recommend seal hard anodize in 5% dichromate solution where increased corrosion resistance is required. Where extreme abrasion resistance is required, do not seal as some softening is encountered.

Spec. Thickness Comment
Type III As specified on drawing. If not specified nominal thickness shall be 0.002"- ±0.0004" Most aluminum alloys depending on process used. Where maximum serviceability or special properties are required, consult metal finisher for best alloy choice. Thick coatings (over .004") will tend to break down sharp edges. Typical applications: hydraulic cylinders, wear surfaces, actuating cams, etc. Can be used as an electrical insulation coating. "Flash" hard anodize may be used instead of conventional anodize for corrosion resistance and may be more economical in conjunction with other hard anodized areas. Hardcoat anodize is available with teflon impregnation also.
Class 1 Non-dyed
Class 2 Dyed.

Chem Film (Iridite)

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